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COMMUNITY - this is our KEY differentiator.
We deliver REAL benefit to the ENTIRE community as our approach is OPEN.


  • A scenario that delivers the biggest benefit to the market place:


    Everybody takes responsibility for their own data, understands the importance of keeping it up to date and shares it openly with all their counterparts.


    This is not an area for competitive advantage as everyone benefits from this approach.

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  • "Without a database we had a bunch of different documents. Now we have them all in the same format and in one searchable place."

    "OpenSettlement's account group feature helped us to get a cleaner structure into our own account universe."

    "We straightened our process for providing our SSIs to the broker."

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  • Our clients use OpenSettlement™ to:

    • openly distribute SSI`s and account information to their counterparts
    • have a central and safe hub for all their settlement related data
    • receive electronic updates from their network in a timely fashion

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Some of our clients:
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