I already  use another product, why would I use OpenSettlement™ ?



We believe that OpenSettlement™ offers your organisation a unique opportunity to be part of a global, open community driving change in the marketplace.

You can use OpenSettlement™ alongside your existing solution to give you complete market coverage.

We provide the only solution that allows you to communicate BDI changes with your ENTIRE client base regardless of the solution they do or do not use.


Benefit from access to information that is always up to date.
Receive SSI´s, whenever a new fund is set up or changes are announced.

Today much of this information is distributed in an unautomated fashion, via Fax, Email or free formatted Swift message. When the information is received in these formats it usually requires manual intervention to update this information broker side

You can access all your counterparties information directly via the web interface. Therefore avoiding delays when dealing with new markets, new clients and new funds.

Contribute to the community by sharing your BDI´s.
We reward behaviour that benefits the community - Sharing your information in OpenSettlement means you will reduce your costs of using the platform

Benefit from the standardisation incorporated into the system.
We are sure you will receive less enquiries.