Some of our clients


We are really happy with the confidence that has been placed in us by large reputable market players. 
Our clients tell us what they want and we work with them to ensure we deliver real benefits.
 What makes us different is our flexible, dynamic and innovative approach.
 We are focused on the SSI business and really delivering a benefit to the community.

Each client is unique and their needs are our priority. We are focused on building and maintaining strong and lasting relationships. We want our clients to use OpenSettlement and to realise business process improvements. We provide close support and ensure training is individual to the needs of each of our clients.

We do realise that the biggest benefits from using the Open Settlement Platform are realised when all your counterparts are also on the platform so we do face the Chicken / Egg scenario with regards to attracting clients who cannot see the immediate benefits. However our community approach is fresh and exciting and we truly believe that we can work together with the market to really improve the management and maintenance of SSI and Account data. We believe with our approach, everybody wins.

We appeal to you to see the vision for the Industry and come on board and join the community. Help us drive the Roadmap and deliver benefits Industry wide.

Our experienced team are there to support you fully and you may be surprised at how easy implementation of the OpenSettlement platform is.

What's going on?
  • We continue to meet with organisations who are interested in the platform  and our refreshing approach.
  • In London a pilot is intended with key players in the UK market.
  • We continue to establish partnerships with other vendors in order to deliver further benefits to the community.
  • We remain committed to shaping the challenges of the securities business and are active on various boards and forums, for example ISITC.