FAQ Our Vision

Who is OpenSettlement aimed at?

OpenSettlement is the venue for the investment community to openly collaborate in storing, managing and sharing settlement instructions and account information.

What kind of data is managed in OpenSettlement?

In OpenSettlement you can maintain following data:
- Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI´s)
- Broker Delivery Instructions (BDI´s)
- Fund Information

Is the data only accessible if you are a members of OpenSettlement?

The platform offers a reporting tool, that supports a open publication to any organisation globally so you can publish full sets of information to market participants who are not platform member.

At OpenSettlement we understand the Industry is constantly evolving. Our vision is a scenario that delivers the biggest benefit to the market place. From our point of view in a perfect world…

... everybody takes responsibility for their own data
... understands the importance of keeping it up to date
... and shares it openly with all their counterparts

Everybody benefits from this collaborative approach. Data maintenance; can mean a significant manual workload, it is subject to time delays and therefore impacts operational risk.

Here at OpenSettlement our vision is one of a global community of custodians, brokers and investment managers openly collaborating and sharing settlement and account information. Using an online solution enables simple communication of accurate SSI and account data to the wider community.

This results in in a smooth, efficient process. Users see a marked reduction in failed trades and a significant increase in control.