Current issues you may face are:

  • Many trades result in queries from brokers
  • Information/data flow is not automated or standardised
  • Increasing volumes require more efficient transaction management
Investment Manager

We understand the challenges you face, as we have a great deal of experience in the Investment Manager environment. We want to provide an open and efficiently communication channel between Custodian - Broker - Investment Manager. How will you benefit from using OpenSettlement?

Manage your own accounts

Distribute Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) for your funds to your counterparts. Communicate changes easy and efficient via the platform. You will decide, who can receive or look up the data.

Receive instructions from your custodians

Your custodians, who are member of the OpenSettlement community, can enrich your fund details easily with the relating SSI set including respective seggregations. This should automate your current process significantly and enable you to update your brokers with the new details in a more timely manner. Also any changes you make for example, fund closures or name changes, are spread promptly to the community.


Use the information in the most efficient way and increase your STP. With our Web Service you can integrate OpenSettlement to your IT architecture.