We ensure that...

… you are informed of all changes relevant to your business

… information complies with ISITC market practice

… it is easy for you to generate SWIFT messages


When transferring securities from one depository to another, it is essential to consider the following:

What kind of security should be transferred?
Are there special market requirements?
How can you access that market?
Consist the settlement chain of several parties?

We want to simplifie that high complexity and improve transparency.
Providing you the necessary infrastructure, we ensure support of the depth of granularity that your business requires.

Our clients use OpenSettlement™ to:

✓ openly distribute SSI`s and account information to their counterparts
✓ have a central and safe hub for all their settlement relevant data
✓ receive updates from their network in timely and electronic fashion

Once you join, we will provide you with a tailored individual training package to get you up and running. If you looking to integrate OpenSettlement™ into your IT infrastructure, we work with you to ensure you get a solution that fits in your architecture and we support you with this implementation.