Example of usage

Allianz Global Investors (Investment Manager)

Allianz Global Investors, one of the largest German Investment Managers, is part of the OpenSettlement community since 2009. Based on the platform they got rid of the inhomogeneous SSI collection received by email, fax, free format SWIFT messages from several custodians. Now they have one central hub.

That enables Allianz Global Investors to distribute up-to-date account lists and SSI to all their brokers at the push of a button.


Manage all of your SSI and account data in a single location.
Remove the problems associated with receiving different formats from different sources.
Benefit from our settlement experience and a straightforward reporting tool.

  • Access the intuitive OpenSettlement™ web interface easily through your favorite web browser
  • Manage and distribute your SSI and account information
  • Highlighted SMPG/ISITC market practice fields ease the data entry
  • Validation logic and 4-eyes-principle reduce failures
  • Schedule updates to your accounts and SSIs in advance
  • Full audit trail on all data fields ease investigations
  • User permissions can be set as granular as your organisation needs it

We also offer a data capture service  so you only need to validate and approve the data. Afterwards publish full sets of information to any counterparty globally, at anytime.